Air Diamond Turf Ii Deion Sanders Sneakers




Now I’m not your typical African American male I love clothes that actually fit NOT TIGHT but fitted there’s a HUGE difference, I love to give people a reason to stop and stare at me like this fool really did leave out the house like that LOL’S. Well when it comes to my shoes I’m kind of an 


While I love me some loafers especially some Cole Haan’s a different shoe caught my eye the other day. By different I mean a sneaker and I am a very very picky person so for something to catch my eye it’s a big deal a very big deal. The name of the shoe is the “Air Diamond turf li Deion Sanders Sneakers” and while I haven’t seen them in person yet they seem to be so comfortable and stylish. I love the ooh’s and ahh’s of clothing and this shoe is definitely a ooher and a aahherr. I will be purchasing these shoes next week so I’ll have to do another post to let you all know what’s the real bizness with those sneakers. In the mean time if you want to cop you a pair the link is down at the bottom of this post also while yet stylish. They are expensive boasting a price tag of $120 so if you don’t got that bread and you no that car payment and or child support payment is due you better go sat down. Enjoy the pics!!!!




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