Monica’s New Album “New Life”






So one of my favorite R&B superstar’s has an album coming out and judging from what I’ve heard so far I think it’s going to be a good one. Now I am in love with her song with Brandy

“It All Belong’s To Me”

I’m so elated to be going to see her at Stone Crest Mall in Lithonia, GA. If you plan on going here’s the link but get there early cause everyone  atlien   knows that this Atlanta traffic is the business and it starts at 5 oh and by the way be sure to get you a cd cause chile you won’t be seeing Ms. Monica Brown unless you got a cd, yes this is a promo but she gone get something out them pockets she is now a certified baller’s wife and has an image to upkeep so she needs all that money for those louboutin’s she loves to rock. LOL well have a blessed week and if yall see me at the event speak please it feels to good to hear and see my readers. BE Blessed……



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