Monyetta Shaw owner of Emerlyn and Ester Boutique



Like many other Americans I logged on to I am big on keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip and they always seem to do a good job of delivering it. Well today they had a post on Monyetta Shaw aka Neyo’s baby mama, then I realized I met her the other day at the Act Like A Lady Think Like  A Man Premiere. I have always been the type to see what other people don’t see so while we were standing outside the theatre waiting for the stars to show up out the corner of my eye I saw her and Neyo getting out of an SUV I wanted to go over there and say something, but I didn’t want to start no mess. So I waited until they got on the carpet now this was my first time seeing her and Neyo she’s very pretty in person and compliments him very well. I don’t no that much about her so I did my research I did no she had a boutique in Buckhead called Emerlyn and Ester, so that shows me she does have a good head on her shoulder. I am very interested in getting to no more about her and I hope I see her out more often I also checked out her twitter page and that girl is balling I love people like her not always talking about their money but they clearly have it to spend. Shouts out to Monyetta Shaw!!!!!



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