BET renew’s The Game and Let’s Stay Together



So once upon a time everyone was addicted to The Game I have to admit even I was interested it was fun and exciting, so when I got the news that BET renewed it I was extremely anxious to see the new season. But i’m not sure if the celebrating of the new season had the writer’s sipping on Patron or that Nuvo but the show has clearly did a 360 and not in a good way. By the second episode I was searching for something else to do with my time, the scenes are all over the place it’s just wayyyyyyyy too much going on. And to my dismay they just got renewed again, I can’t believe this. I can’t believe they even renewed Let’s Stay Together the most boring show ever in history I mean really can these actor’s go to acting class it’s not convincing and just overall boring, I’m really gone need the writer’s to step yall game up and can we please get some replacement actor’s on these shows so the ratings won’t hit rock bottom.





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