My Visit to The Georgia Aquarium



So today was yet another adventure with a Saturday with absolutely nothing to do me and the girlfriend jumped in the Camry and headed out for a day in this sunny Atlanta weather. Being that I live 5 minutes from the aquarium I’ve always wanted to go but never found the time or better yet someone to go with me who doesn’t look at prices. Well today was that day we got to the aquarium and my oh my was it busy children were everywhere, so we got in the ticket line and luckily this man let us no that they had an automatic ticket machine so I inched my way over to that line which went fairly fast. Now here’s the part that threw me off a little bit the aquarium cost a staggering $34.95 per ticket yes and that is in US Dollars not Yen or Pesos plus an additional $10 for parking. I nearly hit the floor but being the baller that I am I didn’t flinch lol (yeah right). So with our tickets purchased we headed inside with that ticket price still in the back of my head I was really expecting something spectacular. This illusion in my head sadly took a 360 a major 360 the ticket price does not in fact correlate with the experience. It was nice but for $34.95 I could have made my own aquarium I may not have been able to fit those Beluga Whales in it but chile please I would have at least had Nemo and some of those Walmart Gold Fish. In my opinion if you just want to go experience it for yourself be sure to save up cause it’s pricey and while you’re there you may as well visit the Coca Cola Factory also. Well enjoy the pics and be sure to comment!


This is the entrance it was breath taking!



They even have Albino Alligators!!!!



Hey that’s us quick picture break!


Yes that is a whale yes a WHALE!


I liked that fish with my silly face (DO THE ROAR SHREK) LOL 



That looks so Peaceful…..


Yes that’s a Beluga Whale they’re really pretty and she was pregnant they stay pregnant anywhere from 12-16 months that’s a long time.



This was my first time seeing a penguin in person they looked funny!


You could even touch the sharks I’ll PASS I need my fingers LOL!!!!!


3 thoughts on “My Visit to The Georgia Aquarium

  1. As for the picture where you said it was a whale, it is not. It is actually a whale shark, the largest fish ever. The whale part is only because of the size. Whales are mammals and breathe air like we do and sharks are fish. notice the difference in the way they swim. Fish tails go right to left and mammals go up and down. I am a volunteer at the Aquarium and have learned a lot about all of the animals. I think you said you live in Atlanta, why don’t you think about volunteering. Glad you came and hope to see you around again.

  2. well I am so glad you enlightened me on the difference between a fish and a whale that was very much needed in my area of study which is Business Adminstration, however thanks for visiting the blog

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