Tyler Perry Supports “Act Like a Lady Think Like A Man Movie”


I was elated today to see a auto-generated email from Tyler Perry (which is down below) showing support of Will Packer’s new film “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man”. That really made my day to see two powerful black film makers making it in Hollywood but most of all showing support. Mr. Perry was even present at the Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man Atlanta premiere at Atlantic Station you no the one I was at. Well it must have been by fate that I missed seeing him because as soon as I left the premiere I see a black Ferrari driving by my car then I check the blogs and it was him I nearly died at my laptop but one day we will meet one day!!!! I claim it ratttt now!!!!

Hey Kenneth,

Steve Harvey has a movie opening today called, THINK LIKE A MAN.

I went to the premiere about a week ago and it’s hilarious. Hope you’re planning to go see it. It’s so important that we all WIN!

Get out if you can. That Kevin Hart is hysterical in this film. Keep an eye on him. That kid is going to be huge.

Ok. That’s all I got today.

Talk soon,


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