Was Marlo Telling The Truth About Kim Zolciak’s furniture in her home?????


So of course I watched the real housewives of atlanta tonight just as I’m sure many of my readers did. One thing that stood out to me most was the comment that Marlo said that Kim Zolciak’s furniture in her house was not all hers so I had to do my research. I was already familiar with the home that Kendra and Antonio Davis owned that Kim is currently rented how you may ask where here’s the website to prove that http://www.eliterealestateprop.com/view_listing.php?title=Stonemoor you can see there that the home is not for sale but clearly for lease so YES KIM DOES RENT HER HOUSE YES I SAID IT! Now on to the next thing Kim’s furniture from taking a look at the home when it was in possession of Kendra Davis the home shows VERY similar fabrics pictures and furniture. NOW THAT’S JUST MY OPINION I can’t say that the furniture is or is not Kendra Davis but what I can say that it is very similar but here’s the link for the furniture in the home at the time it was in the possession of Kendra Davis you be the judge http://projects.ajchomefinder.com/gallery/view/homes/private-quarters/celebrity-splurge/pq2-davis-0727/



Does It Look the same to you?


Well we definitely see where Kim got the idea with the pictures on the wall.


The kitchen sure does look the same


Now this definitely looks the same remember when kandi and sheree and phaedra were over for brunch.



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