The Real Deal on The Bailey Agency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So today my beautiful curvy girlfriend and I made our way to the Bailey Agency for an open call. See she’s interested in modeling so I suggested that she go even though i knew there was going to be money involved somewhere/somehow ,upon our arrival she was instructed to fill out a form basically just asking for personal information and measurements. When we walked in Cynthia was sitting down looking like she could use a loan and then had on some Chuck Taylor’s yes it is confirmed SHE BROKE! So anyways her assistant was conducting the interviews which the models were asked to walk down this $2 runway then after which he explained to them that to be apart of the agency they had to take the classes at the agency. Which always comes with a price yes and over $300 Cynthia chile you must done lost your mind, who has to pay to be a model; they SHOULD BE PAYING THE MODELS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Anyways so basically Cynthia expects for models to pay money to attend classes that she probably isn’t even going to be teaching then get casted in the West End Fashion Shows CHILE BYE!!!! ENJOY THE PICS



One thought on “The Real Deal on The Bailey Agency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I love the commentary….CHILE BYE!!. I knew there was a price to attend the school, because of all the “OTHER OPPORTUNITIES” the Bailey Agency offered from the suggestions/advice Russell Simmons gave her, if some of the women couldn’t make it on the “RUNWAY AS A MODEL” (behind the scenes work: marketing/advertising, admin asst, ASS KISSING, I like Cynthia, but she is just missing a few brain cells, and PAPA SMURF/UNCLE BEN/PETER isn’t making the situation any better..JMO 😉

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