Clark Atlanta University Housing Department



So as most of all of my loyal readers know I am currently a student at the illustrious school of Clark Atlanta University, I love my school however there are some major changes that need to happen around here for this school to get to the next level of excellence. To begin with the Department of Housing now I will say before i tear to shreds   that living on campus has been quite a experience you can take that and run with it but I highly recommend it your first year or semester to wherever you decide to go to school to stay on campus. However, my time at Clark Atlanta University has really made me grow up and get my heads out of the clouds that people have your back, that people will do what they say they will do, and last but not least get documentation authorization and signaturization (yes I know that is not a word). But in all seriousness that’s just how detrimental it is around here. I have never seen such manipulative, egotistical, and just DOWN RIGHT AND NASTY INDIVIDUALS IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!! Now I’m not going to use that old saying that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch because that is completely not true there are still great people who work here at the university (but they too can sometime get infected by those spoiled apples.) I in no way shape or form endorse staying on Campus at Clark Atlanta University let’s just make that clear. Brawley Hall where I live is very expensive and on top of paying all this money we have the audacity to be told we have no visitation. The suites is just hood and to the third degree. Beckwith (female dorm) from my understanding is just nasty and such a far walk from campus. Pheiffer Hall (male dorm) where I used to live is the size of my closet with a community bathroom yes (30 people 4 restrooms on each hall chile please). Like I said before these are my own personal opinions and statements, you can draw your own conclusions. 


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