Atlanta Celebrity Kids Fashion Show

Tonight was amazing the Who’s Who of Atlanta Came Out to show off their kids to city spotted in the building were Ti’s Sons Domani and Messiah Harris, Chanita Foster, Shawty Lo, Lil Scrappy, Ti’s Baby Mama and tons of other celebs and socialites enjoy the pics.Image

The little girls had fun getting their had done.


Q Parker and his son.


Domani and Messiah Harris (Ti’s Sons)


Lisa Wu Hartwell and Son J Sweat


Me and My Boo


Lil Scrappy and his dateImage

Lil Scrappy and his entire family I thought this was about much for the carpet but ok (Shrugs shoulders). Image

Shawty Lo his daughter and I’m going to assume Baby Mama.


Joi Pearson incredible Atlanta photographer.Image

Marl Hampton of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.Image

They seemed to enjoy the show I did.


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