Usher has signed those papers now he wants everything including his………..

Yes Usher Wants His Georgia Mansion back from his Ex-Wife.


This divorce is getting nasty between Usher and Tameka Raymond. After the world got the news last week that the two were back in court surrounding custody of the two kids they have together things just seem to be getting uglier by the minute. I personally would like for them to resolve their issues and reach some type of agreement but hey I’ve met the heifer so I personally no the ———- she can be anyways. My advice to usher get yo house and get yo life and get down the road. He should have listened to his mother in the first place when she said that she didn’t like her. But to tell you the truth I’m kind of mad at him you let that heifer get not one but two kids with you OH OH OH OH OH OH OH MY GOD. Really usher now you ready to sign them papers it’s funny how people are so in love one day and the next they are ready to take you for everything you got. Now usher wants his Roswell, GA mans For those of you who no the words of prayer please when the next time you fall down on your knees please pray for these two.


Usher’s Roswell,GA Home




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