V103 Car and Bike Show 2012

Today was a very busy day in Atlanta not only was the V103 Car and Bike Show today but also taking place is Atlanta’s biggest concert Birthday Bash and this year the headliner is TI. The streets were very busy and very colorful today as many people and their ratchetness which I caught on video and most of these pictures below made their way into the Georgia World Congress Center where the event was held. There were cars from Birdman’s and T-Pain’s Buggati’s which this was my very first time seeing a Buggatti in person I must say that they are very nice cars. There were so many cars and celebrity sightings in the Building scheduled to perform and appear was Tyrese, The OMG Girlz, VIC, Yo-Gotti, T-Pain, Miguel, Birdman, R. Kelly, Kendrick Lamar, Love Rance, Retro The Kidd, Kriss Kelly, Rebel Gang, Slice 9, Big Heavy and many more. Enjoy the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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