K.Michelle Reveals which famous Reality Star’s husband was Beating Her Ass


Cut The Car off and Wind Down all the windows cause the streets of Atlanta is to hot today singer/songwriter K.Michele of the new hit VH1 series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has let the cat out the bag. She revealed while doing an on air interview that the person she was referring to the other night on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was none other than Mickey Wright if you’re not familiar with his government name you might no him as “Sexy Face” also known as “Memphitz” the guy Antonio “Toya” Carter referred to in her hit reality TV Show “Tiny & Toya” that she is now married to. Lawwwddd Jesus take the wheel say it ain’t so. Yes you read that right K. Michelle fell in love with Memphitz beat her ass and stole all her money. Now I am not one for throwing shade in these busy streets of Atlanta but when I heard this all I thought about was how he gone do Toya. Now I’m not one to gossip I just report what I hear through the media and what some of my loyal followers tell me. LOL CHILE PLEASE. I am still awaiting a response from THE WRIGHT’S cause i want to hear some answers. Speaking of Toya and Memphitz there over in Paris celebrating there one year anniversary so I hope they have fun and Memphitz keep yo hands to yo-self.



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