Evelyn Lozada “Inner Circle ” Atlanta Book Signing Barnes and Noble Buckhead

Today I ventured out into these busy streets of Atlanta to the book signing of Evelyn Lozada new book “Inner Circle” at Barnes and Nobles in Buckhead of Vh1’s Top Reality Show Basketball wives. I was really excited to see her because I think she’s really pretty on tv so I had to find out for myself and plus I wanted to no what her book was about. So to my surprise Evelyn wasn’t that late at all usually most celebrities make you wait hours but no she wasn’t on cp (colored people) time. One thing that definitely stuck out to me was the amount of security she had I mean Beyonce only has one infamous security guard and she needed an whole entourage of security. That kind of threw me off a little because I’ve been around alot of celebrities with wayyyyy more money than she has and I have never been treated the way I was today. I’m a blogger I go to events to take pictures put together a story for my readers and I’m out the door. Security was really bugging today telling me I needed to step back when I wasn’t even close at all. I will never cover another event where Evelyn Lozada AKA the knockoff Beyonce is present. Now I never throw shade without trying to extend my umbrella so with all that being said that heifer was dressed something bad now her outfit is lawd ham mercy coming in a hyundai sonata with 22 inch rooms. Yeah she did that anyways enjoy the pictures. 



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