K.Michelle Calls Tamar Braxton a “Muppett” and all hell breaks loose

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has certainly got these streets buzzing not only in the A but all across the world, the reality series has set off many feuds against celebrities but one in particular has now even reached a lawyer’s hand. If you watched the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta you no that singer/songwrite K. Michelle gives us a caption as to what’s been going on in her life the last couple of years. Well in that caption the climax of it all was her telling how she was beaten and abused and misused chile I got lost in all her drama. Well it just so happened that her alleged abuser is none other than Mickey “Memphitz” Wright who is married to Toya Carter Wright aka Lil Wayne Baby Mama; whose great friends with Tamar Braxton. Everybody knows Tamar Braxton (Toni Braxton’s sister) anyways well there good friends so Tamar took to twitter and let this girl live her fairytale. Which K. Michelle thought she was throwing shade but little did she no Tamar got 5 umbrellas, so she gets all hot and bothered and calls Tamar A Muppet. Why in the world did she do that? Doesn’t K. Michelle no Tamar nem got stupid money certain things you can’t say to people with money, cause they will take you to court. Well to make a long story short Tamar sent K. Michelle a  “Cease And Desist” order over K. Michelle trashing her on twitter. K. Michelle please go have a seat because errrbody in atlanta no you broke and yo albums ain’t selling hell I can’t remember the first song you did but please stop messing with Tamar Braxton cause you won’t even have those two rusty pennies to rub together and she get’s finish suing you. I crack myself up.



Here’s a Link to The Suit Filed By Tamar Braxton: http://www.theybf.com/sites/default/files/lawsuit.pdf


Credit: www.theybf.com


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