Egypt Sherrod of Property Virgin’s Premiere Party Atlanta

I had so much fun tonight at The Property Virgin’s Premiere Party here in Atlanta the event was hosted at The Atlantic a very upscale location in the Atlantic Station area. I’d always wanted to go inside the building because it’s real boojee lol but tonight was the night. Shout outs to Saptosa Foster of 135th Street Agency she always looks out for me on any events happening in the A. Well I was the first one in the building which is very upscale and nice with a concierge yes they treated me like I was Michael Jackson. As I made my way in the building I was escorted up to the 5th floor where the event was held in this gorgeous room. Soon other guest began to arrive many of them bloggers, socialites, and well just people with major influences.


They did an excellent job of decorating I was able to capture a couple of pictures before the room became filled with the socialites.



When Egypt showed up the party really turned festive I always love her warm energy she’s always sweet which is very hard to find in this entertainment industry.



There was also many industry people there as well it was fun networking and I also enjoyed the show Egypt is a great spokesperson.



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