Restaurant Review Davio’s

So the other night me and my beautiful girlfriend of 3 years went out to enjoy a nice night out in these busy streets of Atlanta. I was thinking of a nice restaurant to take her to since we dine out frequently, so after doing my research I decided Davio’s would be the perfect place. I’ve never been to Davio’s before but I saw Nene went there on the Real Housewive’s of Atlanta so I thought it would be ideal. We had reservations for 9:00 but of course we had to start getting ready at 7:00 cause my girlfriend is the epitome of extra she has to do hair, make up, and lashes oh and let’s not forget wardrobe. But I didn’t fuss about the amount of time it took her to get dressed I decided to be nice. So after patiently waiting she emerged from the trenches around 8:20 finally. We had just enough time to get to Buckhead, the restaurant was great and the food was delicious and wasn’t all that expensive like the Sun Dial restaurant. It’s also prom season so we got to see some of the foolery Atlanta has to offer. For the most part most of the girl’s actually looked decent. We ate Foie Gras (duck liver) as our appitizer. For our entree’s she had chicken and I had veal. It was great if you’re ever in Atlanta be sure to check out Davio’s.

davio's atlanta 1

davio's atlanta 2

davio's atlanta 3

davio's atlanta


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