Yes!!!! Keke Palmer officially Tried It

Yes!!!! Keke Palmer officially Tried It

So the other week I went to the premiere of Tyler Perry’s new movie Temptation. And I found out several things one being that Olivia Pope ain’t the only done pulled a Scandal cause child actress Keke Palmer looked like she just came over from the West End mall and slapped that wig on her head. She looked just like Sweet Brown ain’t grabbed her shoes or nothing Jesus. But maybe I need to give Keke a break she is in town shooting that TLC movie. Hell nawl she ain’t getting no break cause that’s embarrasing that heifer done cashed enough checks to keep her a glam squad on deck. But I’m not the one to gossip I’m just saying whatever in yo mind that you thinking enjoy the foolery.

Temptation Premiere 236

Temptation Premiere 235

Temptation Premiere 234

Temptation Premiere 233


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