Kandi Burruss Puts House Up For Sale

I have been gone for a minute but now I’m back, so much has transpired. Since I last posted I’ve celebrated the birth of my son I also purchased a home. I moved back from DC to Atlanta and I am in a totally new career field which has inspired me to get back to doing something I love blogging. So yes I will slowly but surely began (again) my blogging career, and keeping you up to date with everything entertainment and of course my life. Anyways, so I follow mostly all of the people that work behind the scenes with celebrities, these are the people that hold the real key to exclusives and happenings of your most watched celebs. Anyways so I follow Brandi Hunter on social media she is the Realtor to the stars in Atlanta. She’s worked with everyone, recently she just picked up the listing to Kandi Burruss-Tucker of the Real Housewives of Atlanta old home. The home is listed at $439,000 now is the first home Kandi bought with those Xscape checks. If you all remember the home was featured on multiple episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, until Kandi bought her new house over off Cascade Rd. Kandi gave the home to her mom but then she brought her mom a new house right down the street from her. So now I guess there’s not a need for this house anymore, besides it’s all the way in the country. If you got some good credit, and can pull together a down payment with your tax refund you might be able to live like a RHOA., complete with a pool and a guest house.

Check Out The House Below:




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