Did TI kick Tiny Out???????



One our favorite Atlanta socialites Tameka “Tiny” Cottle- Harris is a new homeowner. Tiny actually purchased the home back in 2014 but for some reason has been staying at the property more in the last months. Now we’ve all heard about all these rumors pertaining to TI and Tiny, everything from threesomes to how controlling Mr. Harris can be (allegedly). You know you have to say allegedly behind everything so know body won’t be trying to sue me for coins I don’t have lol. Anyway the home is gorgeous and she picked it up for a cool $1,481,500 . Now one thing I can say about Tiny is that she is always about her business. Let’s not forget when she got with TI she had way more money and already made a name for herself in the music industry being from the super group Xscape. Tiny now does more behind the scene things like managing her Pretty Hustle empire and let’s not forget starring in the family reality show “The Family Hustle”. Listen I like TI and Tiny as a couple I only want the best for them, maybe they just live better apart or maybe it’s just an extra house. I have no idea I mean these people have a lot of money it still doesn’t make any sense to me though to buy another house practically down the road when you have another mansion within 15 minutes. Hey who am I to judge, nice house though.



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