Medicine Wife Selling Atlanta Home


Another day another house for sale, it seems that Married to Medicine’s Toya and husband Dr. Eugene have decided to sell their first Atlanta home. For the life of me I can’t seem to understand why sell the property that they own. From watching Married to Medicine last season we saw where Toya and Dr. Eugene made terrible financial decisions and to me this just seems like another. Hey maybe they needed to sell the home to pay off some of that debt they owe to the IRS. Toya kind of rubbed me the wrong way in one episode where they visited the home and she was acting as if the area was such a bad neighborhood. Nothing irritates me more than people that are so quick to forget, all of a sudden now that you’re renting not even buying on the north side of Atlanta you’re just to good to live their again. I’m glad they moved out that mega mansion that they were renting and down sized, but to sell the home you own and you’re still renting is a bit absurd. I never really understood why they just didn’t buy another home, I personally think something is wrong in the credit department. Dr. Eugene makes a six-figure salary in his profession, now add that with Toya’s Married to Medicine salary and that equals quite a comfortable haul for a family of four. Who knows maybe they did finally found a house to buy and actually got their credit together to close. I guess we’ll see on this upcoming season of Married to Medicine. Check out pictures of the home below, hey if you got $549,000 you can live life a Medicine Wife.,-84.420061,33.686496,-84.537306_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/


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