Going to DC- National Museum of African American History and Culture

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Last year I read an article about the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, I then continued to read the article and saw that none other than our President Barack Obama would be there. Not only will he be there but he will be cutting the ribbon for the grand opening. Full of excitement I knew this was an event I had to attend. Being such an historic moment I knew only one person I could think of to attend with my Dad. My dad works extremely hard and I barely get to spend time with him, so I knew this one of those special events that we could possibly attend together. So I anxiously call him to see if his schedule would permit him to attend, and the answer was yes. I immediately logged onto to Delta to purchase our tickets, this event is so symbolic because it not only celebrates our African American heritage but it also helps to eliminate strife that has plagued this nation for decades. In a few hours we will be boarding the plane to head to DC I will vlog this entire trip, so get ready for some amazing video.

“What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress”-President Barack Obama



Do we care if NeNe Returns to RHOA????




Everybody’s knows NeNe has been with Bravo’s hit reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta since season 1. She is the only original housewife that’s never left the show now Sheree left at one point and when those checks dried up she quickly returned. But are we here for NeNe over the years NeNe’s attitude has become just down right awful. I mean that is the reason most of you were tuning in to watch her and all the other cast members act a plump fool. But she has this air about her that I just don’t like now I am very happy for NeNe and all her success that she has accomplished. I like to give credit where credit is due it can be hard building a brand having to act a fool to keep your spot on TV, but landing real TV roles working on Broadway launching a clothing line on HSN, and cashing Trump checks says a lot. But has she just out grown reality television, NeNe has said it over a million times Bravo will always be home to her. But then again she goes on to say that she’s on to bigger and better things. Well I’m not sure if NeNe will be returning for this upcoming season of Realhousewives of Atlanta and I’m not sure if I actually want her to. I think the cast they have now can hold their on and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the newest housewife Lena brings to the table. Check out some pictures below when I met the Real Housewife of Atlanta at a Charity event.




Why Millennials Can’t Find A Job



If you aren’t familiar with this story you should be by now, if not you most likely know a millennial, that’s invested thousands of dollars into acquiring some form of a degree. Now with this degree this person believes that they will have an opportunity to make more money, to get a meaningful career, and some day possibly buy things like a house and just be an adult. Well that’s the typical way this college thing has worked in the past but now we are living in a new day and age. I have to take myself for example, I went to college the great Clark Atlanta University may I add. I went with the ambition of becoming a grown up in a sense, I saw my degree as a way to get to the top. I was always taught education is the key to success once it’s acquired no one can ever take it away from you. While I don’t regret my choice to attend college at all, I was living in a fairy tale land thinking everything would just fall into place once I graduated. First off I was not properly prepared I didn’t take time to do internships in the summer. I didn’t really know what career path I wanted I just knew what I didn’t want to do.

So there I was the day had come May 20, 2013 I was slated to walk across that stage to receive a degree I had know idea what to do with. So in front of my friends and family I did it, I got the degree I’d been working on for the past four years. Inside I didn’t know whether to walk away or just run, because on the inside I felt like crap. I hadn’t landed some nice job with a corner office nor was I headed to work on wall street. Yet I was working at a local hospital as an insurance verification specialist making $14 per hr, this was clearly not the way I imagined my life after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. I was however grateful that I had a job, because many of the other graduates didn’t hey they always say something is better than nothing. That still didn’t make me feel any better about my position, I wanted more a wanted a nicer car I wanted a nicer apartment I wanted to go shopping and not have just a $50 budget I wanted to go on vacation, and the reality was making $14 per hr I couldn’t do those things. So I did what a lot of people do in life “I Settled”. Yes I settled and I just became ok I said you know what I’m living I may not have the best of the best but I’m making it. I stayed with that mindset for about 6 months then something clicked. I said to myself I can’t continue to live like this. If I were to die tomorrow my legacy can not be that I graduated from college and I work at a hospital, I knew I had to get out of this cycle I had fallen into. I knew it was time for a change, this is when I began to prepare for the kind of life I wanted. In order to have more money you have to do either two things, make more money, or cut your expenses. All of my expenses were mandatory, so I only had one other option. I had to make more money, then that’s where I encountered this major roadblock. No I wasn’t the graduate that went back home after graduation saying I couldn’t find a job but I also wasn’t that graduate that took time to intern, and have some meaningful experience. So I began to apply for jobs, job interview after job interview seemed endless. I did get some job offers but I wasn’t willing to settle for some measly salary of $25k. In that time span I went on over 60 job interviews, finally I landed a job that would allow me to move I signed the offer letter for an $40k Salary I felt like I hit the jackpot. Well with more money comes more problems, after upgrading to a brand new car and getting a new apartment. Only a few short months later I found myself getting some familiar urges I wanted more money. Of course I was happy for a new job, but then I started realizing somethings my job was now an hour away which meant I was spending more in gas, and if you’re familiar with Atlanta traffic is horrible. So while I was making more money I started spending more money too. Then on top of all this madness, I find out I’m going to become a dad “talk about pressure”. So then I started applying and interviewing like crazy and ultimately land the job I wanted.¬†After a few more job changes which involved moving from Atlanta to DC then back to Atlanta I am now in a meaningful career. I just closed on my first home back in March and now all I seek to do is build my 401k and hopefully get married pretty soon. It is my personal opinion that millennials can find jobs they just refuse to work for low wages, because in their minds their better than a $14 hr job.¬†Moral of the story is you can have it all just plan to work for it, know that nothing comes over night. Everything that you’re currently going through will only prepare you for where you’re supposed to be in life.


Shawty Lo Dead….Killed in Car Accident

Atlanta Rapper Shawty Lo is dead. He was killed early this morning after leaving the famous Atlanta strip club Blue Flame Lounge. The crash occurred around 2:20 am. Shawty Lo’s white Audi hit two trees and burst into flames. He was ejected from the vehicles and pronounced dead at the scene. The two other passengers have minimal injuries and are at Grady Hospital. Shawty Lo was best known for his single “Dey Know” and “Laffy Taffy”.

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Premiere Party

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love and hip hop atlanta 001Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Premiere Party

Now if you don’t no by now I loves me a good ole ki ki so when an invitation to the the screening of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta made way into my inbox I made sure to clear my schedule. I made it my business to meet the woman of God aka Joseline Hernandez lol. Anyway’s lets get into it well first let me say I was running on cp time so I got there a little late, by the time I arrived the woman of God already walked the red carpet so I was only left with Erica and Rasheeda. But the real “Rich B****” who’s cashing check’s Ms. Mona Scott Young was there I love me some Mona I finally got to meet her. The first episode of Love and Hip Hop was alot but very entertaining I’m not giving any details but I will say be tuned in and enjoy the pics from tonight’s premiere party with even some surprise guest that were in attendance.

Restaurant Review- Chop’s Lobster Bar

So the other night me and my friend Solita went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta Chops Lobster Bar. It was 3 years ago that we accidently found this restaurant on the night of my birthday. Well we were hungry and looking for a great night on the town so this was the perfect place. It was busy of course which is normal the restaurant usually draws out alot of Atlanta’s elite socialite’s and high roller’s. Soon as we walked through the door I could smell the aroma of the food on the open grill. Although we didn’t have reservations we only had a 15min wait. While being seated at our table I noticed someone scroll by in a pair of Pigalle Christian Louboutin’s but I only saw the back of the person. My friend quickly told me it was Gabrielle I thought she meant Union but it was Gabrielle Douglas. She is so tiny in person and was in town doing an appearance for her new book. I didn’t really want to bother her for a picture but she was nice enough to come over and take a picture with us.
chops lobster 1

chops lobster