We Went to Vegas and I Loved It!!!!!!



So in a few days I’ll be a quarter of a century old yes I’m turning 25 and I don’t know whether or not to be happy or sad. Yes I’ve accomplished a lot in my twenty five years of living but has it been enough. Time is so important so I’m constantly thinking am I doing enough to fulfill my destiny. Am I contributing to society so that one day at my funeral someone can say that my life actually meant something. I know maybe I am a iut much hey most of us are a bit much I’m just trying to be the best I can be. In doing so I vowed at the beginning of this year to travel because it’s something that I love to do, and finally spend my money on me. Ever since I’ve had a child my total outlook on life has been different especially when it comes to finances. Now I try to keep a level head when it comes to spending, but hey I still like that occasional Neiman Marcus run, but I got to the point where that became extinct. The main source of wealth from what I see is multiple streams of income which I plan on creating through Youtube, Real Estate, and my future book BLACK YOUNG DAD it shall be epic. But hey now I’m getting off topic, so back to traveling so I planned two major vacations for us this year and a third just have to figure out the right time to take it. The first was Hawaii and then the second was Las Vegas. I’ll circle back to Hawaii but let’s get on to Vegas.

This trip was a total surprise to my girlfriend I mean she had no clue whatsoever. I didn’t tell her until 3 hours before the flight which was hilarious. Anyway so the parents had Karter (our son) for the weekend I needed some rest and relaxation. So I planned for us to go to Vegas it was fun and it was hot. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas please do not pack any underwear. No I am really being serious it was that hot I mean sweat was coming from everywhere I mean everywhere. Secondly stay on the Strip my personal preference would be the Palazoo or Caesar’s Palace, the Wynn is also really nice. Secondly do not fly Spirit Airlines which is a budget airline so they charge you for everything our bags were literally more than the flight.


So of course being out West we had to travel to see the Grand Canyon. Now I’m all about an adventure and that has been on my bucket list for a while now. So I called up enterprise got me a cheap rental for $39 and we jetted out to Grand Canyon West which was only a 2 hour drive with some amazing views. We stopped pretty frequently to get some of those scenic views which were magnificent.


Check out the rest of our pics below:





Real Housewives of Atlanta New Housewife Lena Chenier


So it has come to my attention that there is a new Housewife of Atlanta of Atlanta or should I say friend of the show. Let me first start off by saying she is a real housewife I meant that literally well not a wife yet but she’s got an engagement ring but no wedding as of yet. Now I’m not sure if Lena will be holding an apple or just be a new friend that is introduced on the reality show, however I do know that she will be in the mix for the upcoming season. Now being that I live in Atlanta and know alot of people on the social scene I am very familiar with Lena she’s most notably known for being the fiance of RL. Now let me refresh your memory RL was the lead singer of the R&B group Next with hit singles such as “We Can’t Be Friends” feat. Deborah Cox, and “The Best Man I Can Be”. Now Lena and RL have been engaged for sometime, but I haven’t heard anything about a wedding. Hopefully by using this platform they can get some sort of spin off show. Of course Lena is well connected to many Atlanta socialites including RHOA Kandi Burruss, Neyo’s Baby Mama Monyetta Shaw, R&B Singer Monica, Ludacris Wife Eudoxie, and Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Toya Wright. I’m excited to see what she brings to the show as it doesn’t look like Queen B Nene Leakes has been asked to return. I look forward to a drama filled season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now side note they say RL and Lena have had quite the money problems dealing with the IRS, bankruptcy you know the usual. Hopefully they get their finances in order, but if not I guess I’ll just have to do another post. Now I do give credit where credit is due and Lena is a hustler so check out her boutique Lint Boutique link below:¬†https://lenadanielle.com/






Did TI kick Tiny Out???????



One our favorite Atlanta socialites Tameka “Tiny” Cottle- Harris is a new homeowner. Tiny actually purchased the home back in 2014 but for some reason has been staying at the property more in the last months. Now we’ve all heard about all these rumors pertaining to TI and Tiny, everything from threesomes to how controlling Mr. Harris can be (allegedly). You know you have to say allegedly behind everything so know body won’t be trying to sue me for coins I don’t have lol. Anyway the home is gorgeous and she picked it up for a cool¬†$1,481,500 . Now one thing I can say about Tiny is that she is always about her business. Let’s not forget when she got with TI she had way more money and already made a name for herself in the music industry being from the super group Xscape. Tiny now does more behind the scene things like managing her Pretty Hustle empire and let’s not forget starring in the family reality show “The Family Hustle”. Listen I like TI and Tiny as a couple I only want the best for them, maybe they just live better apart or maybe it’s just an extra house. I have no idea I mean these people have a lot of money it still doesn’t make any sense to me though to buy another house practically down the road when you have another mansion within 15 minutes. Hey who am I to judge, nice house though.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Divorce



We were rooting for you we all were rooting for you…………I am the only one mad that Brad Pitt and Angelina have filed for divorce. I don’t know these people never met them in my life but I actually liked them as a couple. It kind of made me think of my own relationship when I saw this in the media. How can a couple that’s been together for 12 years get a divorce after only being married for 2 years. It leaves me to ask the question “does marriage make a relationship more difficult”. I mean these people have children and I’m sure a lot has been vested between the two of them, how do you just call it quits. I thought it was til death do us part but I guess not anymore. Let’s keep them lifted up in our prayers and all 18 of their children.



Shawty Lo Dead….Killed in Car Accident

Atlanta Rapper Shawty Lo is dead. He was killed early this morning after leaving the famous Atlanta strip club Blue Flame Lounge. The crash occurred around 2:20 am. Shawty Lo’s white Audi hit two trees and burst into flames. He was ejected from the vehicles and pronounced dead at the scene. The two other passengers have minimal injuries and are at Grady Hospital. Shawty Lo was best known for his single “Dey Know” and “Laffy Taffy”.

shawty-loshawty-lo-car-crash-audifashion show 055

Kandi Burruss Puts House Up For Sale

I have been gone for a minute but now I’m back, so much has transpired. Since I last posted I’ve celebrated the birth of my son I also purchased a home. I moved back from DC to Atlanta and I am in a totally new career field which has inspired me to get back to doing something I love blogging. So yes I will slowly but surely began (again) my blogging career, and keeping you up to date with everything entertainment and of course my life. Anyways, so I follow mostly all of the people that work behind the scenes with celebrities, these are the people that hold the real key to exclusives and happenings of your most watched celebs. Anyways so I follow Brandi Hunter on social media she is the Realtor to the stars in Atlanta. She’s worked with everyone, recently she just picked up the listing to Kandi Burruss-Tucker of the Real Housewives of Atlanta old home. The home is listed at $439,000 now is the first home Kandi bought with those Xscape checks. If you all remember the home was featured on multiple episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, until Kandi bought her new house over off Cascade Rd. Kandi gave the home to her mom but then she brought her mom a new house right down the street from her. So now I guess there’s not a need for this house anymore, besides it’s all the way in the country. If you got some good credit, and can pull together a down payment with your tax refund you might be able to live like a RHOA., complete with a pool and a guest house.

Check Out The House Below: