Going to DC- National Museum of African American History and Culture

african american history.png

Last year I read an article about the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, I then continued to read the article and saw that none other than our President Barack Obama would be there. Not only will he be there but he will be cutting the ribbon for the grand opening. Full of excitement I knew this was an event I had to attend. Being such an historic moment I knew only one person I could think of to attend with my Dad. My dad works extremely hard and I barely get to spend time with him, so I knew this one of those special events that we could possibly attend together. So I anxiously call him to see if his schedule would permit him to attend, and the answer was yes. I immediately logged onto to Delta to purchase our tickets, this event is so symbolic because it not only celebrates our African American heritage but it also helps to eliminate strife that has plagued this nation for decades. In a few hours we will be boarding the plane to head to DC I will vlog this entire trip, so get ready for some amazing video.

“What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress”-President Barack Obama



First Lady Michelle Obama- The Fashion Guru

I have to say our first lady is just quite frankly the business she is literally setting the White House on fire, what I love about First Lady Michelle Obama is that she’s not this plastic figure. She has shown us time and time again that she can keep our President smiling while getting the kids off to school, running errands at her local target, and running the white house. While having a very hectic schedule and lifestyle she always manages to look great in every designer label you can name and I have never ever seen her not living up to her standards she is definitely letting these Republicans know that she is the First Lady. She’s very hands on and seems to be very real whenever she does an interview she even did push ups on the Ellen Degeneres Show what First Lady has ever done that. .ImageImageImageImage